Christmas 2017


So this Christmas is a bit different to every other year. Normally I either spend it on my own since I live so far away from the family, and the fact I don’t get Christmas holidays, or I see my family, if I somehow manage to get the time off. This year is different, it is my first proper Christmas with the other half. Last year doesn’t count as we’d only just got together.

I say I get to spend it with the other half, the truth is he is a chef so he has to work all day, but his mum has asked me to go to her house and spend it with the rest of the family. This year is the first year I have had money for gifts, and you can tell, I’ve bought everyone a gift and not had to do Boots 3for2 offer, and still limit gifts to 10 pound each. I’ve got so many gifts for people and cannot wait to give everyone theirs.

I’ve even got gifts this year. Nothing from the other half is wrapped but that’s because I picked what I wanted as he thinks I’m hard to shop for. I’m not, I’m really not. Anything Harry Potter related and I’d be happy. I did buy myself a present, the tablet I’m writing this on. It was on sale and thought I’d treat myself. Mum bought me an Amazon Echo that I’ve been using for over a month already. Normally mum just sends me money and I’ll buy food with it, but this year she bought me something.

Did you notice I said I have money this year. New good paying job that I enjoy, the other half moved in with me and I’ve just taken out an 11.9% APR loan to get rid of the 40% APR variable credit card, saving myself 170 pounds per month.

I have to say this a good year and Christmas 2017 is going to be great.


Monthly update


Overdraft increase aside (and I only put that aside as it doesn’t really cost much to use it) my debt level is slowly decreasing.

9 more payments on my loan and then I will be a bit better off every month and hopefully then the debt will decrease quicker.



I have to say I’m actually a lot less stressed now, seeing that my debt levels are decreasing. They aren’t decreasing as much as I would like but every month I see the total going down.

What I need to focus on is CC2 and getting that level down. I need to buy the other half’s birthday present, concert tickets, so I will need to buy them in August, and they will need to go on the card, but that’s not a lot of money. Then I will be cutting the card up, I won’t be making any more excuses and keeping it “just in case of emergencies”, because I know I will spend on it.

I can safely say I am very slowly getting there, and so much so my credit has increased too.

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I am hoping that we get a bonus at work after the company financial year end, as was stated by one of the partners last year, but we don’t know what we would get and I can’t rely on a possible bonus, but that would significantly help.

Fingers crossed for a good bonus, even £50 would help.

DIY eliquid


Vaping has taken the world by storm and since then there has been millions of brands with millions of flavours released for us all to buy.

I started vaping as I couldn’t afford to smoke anymore and I thought “well it’s cheaper and healthier” so I started vaping. I have upgraded my mod a few times and tank and recently delved into the world of DIY Eliquid, which is becoming more popular since the TRPR and TPD regulations in the UK came into force.

So I have a smallish collection of liquids that are prebought.

Everything from 10ml bottles to 120ml bottles of liquid, but this can be expensive when you chop and change between flavours and vape a lot.

As someone who gets confused easily and didn’t fancy buying tonnes of equipment and making concentrates that were actually disgusting I went for an easy option…. bottle shots.

Darkstar are a UK based company where you can buy the pre-made concentrate in a huge bottle so all you need to do is add your VG, PG and if you choose your nicotine.

I bought 2 500ml bottles and 2 250ml bottles. There were dozens to try but being summer I wantes all day vape liquids, both fruity and refreshing.

Here we have (from left to right) is strawberry lemonade, lemon tart, strawberry kiwi bubblegum and twister ice lolly.

They have all steeped for 2 weeks and the twister lolly needs another 2 weeks as it has a cream based flavour in it.

Me and the other half tried lemon tart. We smelt it and our mouths watered. I have to say it is amazing. The lemon isnt too strong and you can taste the creamy meringe and biscuity base.

The other half tried the strawberry kiwi bubvlegum and loves it. I haven’t tried yet but I may have to hide it before he runs off with it.

I have had a few friends try my vape, as here at home almost everyone I know vapes and they all think the lemon tart is amazing. Its sweet, but not sickly sweet, creamy and a nice touch of lemon. I taste the cream and biscuit base at the front with the lemon after kind of trying to suckerpunch you going “here I am” like it knows its the star of the show. A lot of liquids I’ve tried I have struggled to pull out anything other than the main flavour but with darkstar they have pulled back the lemon, with 3 different lemon flavours used, and they have let the other flavours take the stage too.

I for one will always recommend Darkstar and I cannot wait to order more and try the other flavours. 

Shoot me now!


Current debt level

Cc2- £2966.77

Cc1- £2000.00

Loan- £960.82

Total – £5927.62

Now for the shoot me part. I got an extension on my overdraft last month as i was really struggling. I had 3 weeks left until pay day and had maxed the overdraft out. It went from £300 to £750… i have 3 weeks left until pay day and i have a current balance of -£542.

I hadnt planned to spend that much money and get too far into the overdraft but had to trear my other half as he has helped me so much. In 6 months i had not paid for a night out drinking or even a meal so i did pay a couple of times. Now i need to stop.

I have never counted the overdraft towards my debt level as it barely costed me anything to use it but now it does. If i go to 750 every month i will pay almost £20 for thrle priviledge. 

My hours are short in August so wages will be down. I am concentrating more on the credit card debt but I have come to the realisation I cant help but buy things and buy things I dont need or want. I buy rubbish or take money out to go drinking with. This NEEDS to stop.

I need cc2 paid off ASAP and I hope by August 2019. Loan paid off April 2018 and cc1 paid off by December 2020. I want tp be debt free before Im 31.

Friends ask why does the boyfriend not move in, we have been together 6 months. Neither of us are in a rush, we have both done the relationships where they go south after you rush so we will move in together when we are ready. Yes it would help me get out of debt quicker and would financially be better for me but that cannot be the basis of a relationship. It will happen when it happens and in the meantime i have an awesome guy who keeps yelling at me when i buy something as he knows i shouldnt be spending.

So as of the 4th June 2017 I have no food in the house so I will use more of my overdraft for food but that is is. Keep it as low as possible and shop at Aldi.

Other than food I am not going to buy anything for 3 weeks….realistic target and if achievable it will get extended.

Breakdown May 2017



As of today my debt stands at £5997.47.

I will get this lowered and my aim is by 31st December 2017 my debt will stand at less than £5000. If my calculations are correct I can actually get my debt down to £4700 or there abouts.

I am being careful with money now to make sure I can pay off a good amount of the debt and still manage to live. I made a spreadsheet for one of the credit cards.



Every month this works out roughly how much I should be paying, and obviously the more I pay off the better. It’s not 100% accurate but I would rather overestimate the minimum payment than underestimate it.

As for CC1, well that’s 1.19% interest per month so not too bad, and only 12 payments left on the loan. Once the loan is paid that’s an extra £98.13 a month I will save, well not save as I will use it for other debts, but you know what I mean.

I even now have a spreadsheet for budgeting.


It works out how much I will have left every month. My overdraft is now increased to £750 but I don’t intend on using that, but I can keep an eye on what I’m spending every month and try not to overspend.

The above is the spreadsheet from my next paycheck. As you can see, after all debts are paid and bills I’m left with -£202.90 before buying food etc. I then plan on going up to -£350 as a maximum, and then the month after drop that to -£330 maximum and slowing bring the overdraft down also.

I have noticed some of my bills are quite high. My EE bill, I cannot change until I renew my contract next May, so that will go to a cheaper contract from then. As of 1st November 2017 I can contact Virgin Media and get rid of the TV and phone line, thus reducing the bill.

I am quitting smoking, saving money and improving my health. I vape. I need something to help me and vaping does. It can get expensive so I’m going into DIY liquids, thus saving me a fortune.