Progress, joy and success


It is the first of the month so all debts are paid again, there is some interest to be added to to the credit cards before the monthly final balance but I am very happy, and might I add, very proud that finally my debt level is under £6000.

I have estimated the interested based on the previous months interest, and the info on the two credit cards websites and in total my debt level should come to approximately £5977. I am so proud to have gotten to that goal. My next goal ia £5000. This one may be tough. With impending TPD regulation enforcement I need to buy supplies to make my own eliquid…. this comes to a grand total of £88 which I will need to buy at the start of June.

Do you want to hear the downside? I can’t afford it so it will be going on the credit card. The upside to this is it will be enough to make 2.5ltr of liquid which will be enough for a long time, approximately 2 years. That means I wont need to spend the £30-60 a month on liquid. Spending money to save money.

So target wise, it’s now to get debt to £5000 by Christmas.

On 1st January 2018 I will owe less than £5000. Theoretically I should be able to do it by November but I want the security there in case anything happens.

I have to say, for the first time in a long time I’m feeling happy about my money and debt levels, rather than constantly worrying and my anxiety always being heightened due to it.

Yes I am still broke and have no money for nights out etc. But I would rather get my finances sorted so that by October 2019 I will have only 1 debt left and that credit card will end up being paid off in no time.


Spend money to save money


So my current debt level is £6,165, so this has gone down considerably.

My plan was to not spend on the credit card over the next few months, though ideally never again but we all know that won’t happen.

Well I am going to have to spend. I am a vaper and the TPD regulations come into force from 20th May, which means my liquid will go up in price. I will only be able to buy 10ml bottles with nicotine. Currently almost everywhere has sales on to get rid of the bottles that are bigger than 10ml.

I have come to the conclusion it’s better for me to stock up on liquid now whilst its cheap and whilst i can buy 100ml bottles, then I won’t need to buy for the next 6 months or so. So whilst I was going to get my credit card bill down it seems impractical at the minute.

Overall I need to spend money now to save money in the future.

The struggle


This months debt balance is £6,260. 

It has reduces by £80 this month but at this rate will take forever to pay off… not to mention constantly being skint and minimum payments aren’t decreasing.

Only 15 more payments on my loan though so that’s something, then the money I save from not paying that can pay other debts off.

Slowly getting there


I admit, over the past couple of months I haven’t updated the blog, with Christmas etc. This is also the excuse for me not getting the credit card bills down. I was doing so well too but then Christmas came and I had to buy booze for parties and buy liquid for my vape.

Saying all of that I can see that I am slowly getting there, and hopefully I will not have to use the credit cards for the next couple of months seeing as household bills will be reduced due to payment plans.

I will become debt free. I will become debt free. I will become debt free!!!

Debt reduction is hard


First of all I would like to apologise for an error in my last post. For some reason I had it down that credi card 2 was a £1,500 limit when in fact it is £2,000. I have since amended the post and total debt.

Now it is the 6th November, all my bills are paid and food bought for the month so now I know exactly what amount debt I’m in.

Of course it would be more of a reduction if I hadn’t put my food shop on it this month but I do need to eat.

This month’s reduction is a small £71.48 but thats only going to get better. I hope next month’s reduction will be arround the £120 mark, but that doesn’t take into account any emergencies (which I pray won’t happen).

Fingers crossed I can manage to get my debt levels down and eventually become debt free.

Any tips and tricks to help would be greatly appreciated.

Oh and a little update. I am still vaping and I am now cigarette free for a total of 22 days.