Shoot me now!


Current debt level

Cc2- £2966.77

Cc1- £2000.00

Loan- £960.82

Total – £5927.62

Now for the shoot me part. I got an extension on my overdraft last month as i was really struggling. I had 3 weeks left until pay day and had maxed the overdraft out. It went from £300 to £750… i have 3 weeks left until pay day and i have a current balance of -£542.

I hadnt planned to spend that much money and get too far into the overdraft but had to trear my other half as he has helped me so much. In 6 months i had not paid for a night out drinking or even a meal so i did pay a couple of times. Now i need to stop.

I have never counted the overdraft towards my debt level as it barely costed me anything to use it but now it does. If i go to 750 every month i will pay almost £20 for thrle priviledge. 

My hours are short in August so wages will be down. I am concentrating more on the credit card debt but I have come to the realisation I cant help but buy things and buy things I dont need or want. I buy rubbish or take money out to go drinking with. This NEEDS to stop.

I need cc2 paid off ASAP and I hope by August 2019. Loan paid off April 2018 and cc1 paid off by December 2020. I want tp be debt free before Im 31.

Friends ask why does the boyfriend not move in, we have been together 6 months. Neither of us are in a rush, we have both done the relationships where they go south after you rush so we will move in together when we are ready. Yes it would help me get out of debt quicker and would financially be better for me but that cannot be the basis of a relationship. It will happen when it happens and in the meantime i have an awesome guy who keeps yelling at me when i buy something as he knows i shouldnt be spending.

So as of the 4th June 2017 I have no food in the house so I will use more of my overdraft for food but that is is. Keep it as low as possible and shop at Aldi.

Other than food I am not going to buy anything for 3 weeks….realistic target and if achievable it will get extended.


Progress, joy and success


It is the first of the month so all debts are paid again, there is some interest to be added to to the credit cards before the monthly final balance but I am very happy, and might I add, very proud that finally my debt level is under £6000.

I have estimated the interested based on the previous months interest, and the info on the two credit cards websites and in total my debt level should come to approximately £5977. I am so proud to have gotten to that goal. My next goal ia £5000. This one may be tough. With impending TPD regulation enforcement I need to buy supplies to make my own eliquid…. this comes to a grand total of £88 which I will need to buy at the start of June.

Do you want to hear the downside? I can’t afford it so it will be going on the credit card. The upside to this is it will be enough to make 2.5ltr of liquid which will be enough for a long time, approximately 2 years. That means I wont need to spend the £30-60 a month on liquid. Spending money to save money.

So target wise, it’s now to get debt to £5000 by Christmas.

On 1st January 2018 I will owe less than £5000. Theoretically I should be able to do it by November but I want the security there in case anything happens.

I have to say, for the first time in a long time I’m feeling happy about my money and debt levels, rather than constantly worrying and my anxiety always being heightened due to it.

Yes I am still broke and have no money for nights out etc. But I would rather get my finances sorted so that by October 2019 I will have only 1 debt left and that credit card will end up being paid off in no time.

Spend money to save money


So my current debt level is £6,165, so this has gone down considerably.

My plan was to not spend on the credit card over the next few months, though ideally never again but we all know that won’t happen.

Well I am going to have to spend. I am a vaper and the TPD regulations come into force from 20th May, which means my liquid will go up in price. I will only be able to buy 10ml bottles with nicotine. Currently almost everywhere has sales on to get rid of the bottles that are bigger than 10ml.

I have come to the conclusion it’s better for me to stock up on liquid now whilst its cheap and whilst i can buy 100ml bottles, then I won’t need to buy for the next 6 months or so. So whilst I was going to get my credit card bill down it seems impractical at the minute.

Overall I need to spend money now to save money in the future.