DIY eliquid


Vaping has taken the world by storm and since then there has been millions of brands with millions of flavours released for us all to buy.

I started vaping as I couldn’t afford to smoke anymore and I thought “well it’s cheaper and healthier” so I started vaping. I have upgraded my mod a few times and tank and recently delved into the world of DIY Eliquid, which is becoming more popular since the TRPR and TPD regulations in the UK came into force.

So I have a smallish collection of liquids that are prebought.

Everything from 10ml bottles to 120ml bottles of liquid, but this can be expensive when you chop and change between flavours and vape a lot.

As someone who gets confused easily and didn’t fancy buying tonnes of equipment and making concentrates that were actually disgusting I went for an easy option…. bottle shots.

Darkstar are a UK based company where you can buy the pre-made concentrate in a huge bottle so all you need to do is add your VG, PG and if you choose your nicotine.

I bought 2 500ml bottles and 2 250ml bottles. There were dozens to try but being summer I wantes all day vape liquids, both fruity and refreshing.

Here we have (from left to right) is strawberry lemonade, lemon tart, strawberry kiwi bubblegum and twister ice lolly.

They have all steeped for 2 weeks and the twister lolly needs another 2 weeks as it has a cream based flavour in it.

Me and the other half tried lemon tart. We smelt it and our mouths watered. I have to say it is amazing. The lemon isnt too strong and you can taste the creamy meringe and biscuity base.

The other half tried the strawberry kiwi bubvlegum and loves it. I haven’t tried yet but I may have to hide it before he runs off with it.

I have had a few friends try my vape, as here at home almost everyone I know vapes and they all think the lemon tart is amazing. Its sweet, but not sickly sweet, creamy and a nice touch of lemon. I taste the cream and biscuit base at the front with the lemon after kind of trying to suckerpunch you going “here I am” like it knows its the star of the show. A lot of liquids I’ve tried I have struggled to pull out anything other than the main flavour but with darkstar they have pulled back the lemon, with 3 different lemon flavours used, and they have let the other flavours take the stage too.

I for one will always recommend Darkstar and I cannot wait to order more and try the other flavours. 


Progress, joy and success


It is the first of the month so all debts are paid again, there is some interest to be added to to the credit cards before the monthly final balance but I am very happy, and might I add, very proud that finally my debt level is under £6000.

I have estimated the interested based on the previous months interest, and the info on the two credit cards websites and in total my debt level should come to approximately £5977. I am so proud to have gotten to that goal. My next goal ia £5000. This one may be tough. With impending TPD regulation enforcement I need to buy supplies to make my own eliquid…. this comes to a grand total of £88 which I will need to buy at the start of June.

Do you want to hear the downside? I can’t afford it so it will be going on the credit card. The upside to this is it will be enough to make 2.5ltr of liquid which will be enough for a long time, approximately 2 years. That means I wont need to spend the £30-60 a month on liquid. Spending money to save money.

So target wise, it’s now to get debt to £5000 by Christmas.

On 1st January 2018 I will owe less than £5000. Theoretically I should be able to do it by November but I want the security there in case anything happens.

I have to say, for the first time in a long time I’m feeling happy about my money and debt levels, rather than constantly worrying and my anxiety always being heightened due to it.

Yes I am still broke and have no money for nights out etc. But I would rather get my finances sorted so that by October 2019 I will have only 1 debt left and that credit card will end up being paid off in no time.