DIY eliquid


Vaping has taken the world by storm and since then there has been millions of brands with millions of flavours released for us all to buy.

I started vaping as I couldn’t afford to smoke anymore and I thought “well it’s cheaper and healthier” so I started vaping. I have upgraded my mod a few times and tank and recently delved into the world of DIY Eliquid, which is becoming more popular since the TRPR and TPD regulations in the UK came into force.

So I have a smallish collection of liquids that are prebought.

Everything from 10ml bottles to 120ml bottles of liquid, but this can be expensive when you chop and change between flavours and vape a lot.

As someone who gets confused easily and didn’t fancy buying tonnes of equipment and making concentrates that were actually disgusting I went for an easy option…. bottle shots.

Darkstar are a UK based company where you can buy the pre-made concentrate in a huge bottle so all you need to do is add your VG, PG and if you choose your nicotine.

I bought 2 500ml bottles and 2 250ml bottles. There were dozens to try but being summer I wantes all day vape liquids, both fruity and refreshing.

Here we have (from left to right) is strawberry lemonade, lemon tart, strawberry kiwi bubblegum and twister ice lolly.

They have all steeped for 2 weeks and the twister lolly needs another 2 weeks as it has a cream based flavour in it.

Me and the other half tried lemon tart. We smelt it and our mouths watered. I have to say it is amazing. The lemon isnt too strong and you can taste the creamy meringe and biscuity base.

The other half tried the strawberry kiwi bubvlegum and loves it. I haven’t tried yet but I may have to hide it before he runs off with it.

I have had a few friends try my vape, as here at home almost everyone I know vapes and they all think the lemon tart is amazing. Its sweet, but not sickly sweet, creamy and a nice touch of lemon. I taste the cream and biscuit base at the front with the lemon after kind of trying to suckerpunch you going “here I am” like it knows its the star of the show. A lot of liquids I’ve tried I have struggled to pull out anything other than the main flavour but with darkstar they have pulled back the lemon, with 3 different lemon flavours used, and they have let the other flavours take the stage too.

I for one will always recommend Darkstar and I cannot wait to order more and try the other flavours. 


Spend money to save money


So my current debt level is £6,165, so this has gone down considerably.

My plan was to not spend on the credit card over the next few months, though ideally never again but we all know that won’t happen.

Well I am going to have to spend. I am a vaper and the TPD regulations come into force from 20th May, which means my liquid will go up in price. I will only be able to buy 10ml bottles with nicotine. Currently almost everywhere has sales on to get rid of the bottles that are bigger than 10ml.

I have come to the conclusion it’s better for me to stock up on liquid now whilst its cheap and whilst i can buy 100ml bottles, then I won’t need to buy for the next 6 months or so. So whilst I was going to get my credit card bill down it seems impractical at the minute.

Overall I need to spend money now to save money in the future.

Vaping instead of smoking


Well I have to say considering my shisha pen was bought on ebay it arrived really quickly. I ordered at 8am yesterday morning, they dispatched it the same day and I received it today before lunch time.

Due to finishing night shift I slept for a few hours during the day on the sofa, the postie woke me up to give me my lovely parcel. I then proceeded to head into the town centre to get some liquids for it. The official shops do them for £3.50-£5.00 for a 10ml bottle, but the market stall sells them at 3 for £10 for one brand or for the ibaccy ones that I got it was 3 for £12.

ImageI am a menthol smoker so bought menthol just in case I didn’t like the other flavours, but I got cherry and watermelon ones too. The guy on the stall was really helpful, I didn’t know which flavours I wanted so he helped me pick, nor did I have a clue on which nicotine strength I needed. It was decided the ‘medium’ ones at 18mg was the best choice for me seeing as my smoking has increased to 20 a day at the minute.

I charged my batteries and placed the liquid into the cartomizer and off I went. The first drag I almost choked, it is very strong. For the first few puffs I had on it I coughed afterwards.

My other half doesn’t smoke but he tried a drag of it and he likes it, so now he’s thinking about getting one, but because he’s not a smoker I’ve told him to get the nicotine free liquids. It’s bad enough I smoke, I don’t want him to start.

I have to say I enjoy the vaping, but it’s not the same as smoking, one or two puffs on the shisha pen and you put it down, you don’t smoke it like you do a cig. I think rather than just try and go straight to the vaping i’m going to smoke and vape, therefore decreasing the amount of cigs I am smoking everyday. Hopefully then I will quit.